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Customer Reviews & Stories

Everyone at Lang's is fabulous; they take excellent care of their customers. They always give detailed diagnoses of the issues and tell you which repairs are urgent/necessary vs. not urgent, and they find ways to save you money. They are always accommodating with drop-off and pickup, and their proximity to train station is an added bonus. Will not take my car anywhere else!

—Anna Robbins (Google)

I was quoted $5000 from the Lexus dealer to change out of my control arms so I thought I would contact and independent shop who would allow me to use my own parts and came upon lang's auto and from beginning to end I was completely happy. Ray was very informative and these guys definitely know what they are doing. Definitely the most honest car shop I have ever been to. The labor is not bad at all and they even gave me a loaner car free of charge that I had for about a week. Great guys to deal with.

—Robert Thomas (Google)

Had my vehicle serviced, close to the train station, have a couple of loaner cars if needed. Would highly recomment! Top notch work, repaired accurately and knew exactly the problem without taking guesses with parts at my expense as with other shops I had experience with.

—A Google User

Great honest fair auto repairs I have used them for over 20 years.

—Douglas Marks (Google)

I almost didn't want to write this 5 star review, because there is almost always a wait to get an appointment here and I don't want the secret to get out anymore than it already is - this place is great. I have an Audi that's getting on in the milage and having some of its first real maintenance issues, and I started taking it here after basically only having the dealer look at it before. The only difference between here and the dealer is the free coffee and allure of the new year's lineup to test my will power; in fact, the expertise is probably better here. It's a real hometown feel - you see the same people all the time, they tell you honestly what they would do if it was their car, and they have even stayed late for me to pick up my car when work kept me past closing.

—Chris Herbst (Google)

I have been an extremely satisfied Lang's customer for ten years, and have trusted them to work on all of our family cars. They are honest, skilled at car repair and maintenance, and communicate very well. If your car is more than a few years old, they might give you a few options rather than quote only the most expensive bundle of work. Highly recommended!

—Bob Pagels (Google)

Outstanding service and friendly staff.

—Joseph Heitzig (Google)

Top Quality Services in every department. We (My husband and I) have been coming to them for the last five years, and his direct family for 10+ Years. You will not find any one faster, more efficient or more honest then the staff of Langs. They strive to do you well. Not only does it show but it shines.

—Mo Sho (Google)

The only place I will take my jeep in for repairs. Always helpful and friendly.

—Ron Martin (Google)

I can't rate this shop highly enough. You know they are a good shop when they are booked for a week straight. The first time I came into the shop I knew I needed to get my brake pads and rotors replaced. When I called to make an appointment, they said that I may not need to change the rotors, and I should come in before buying parts (I like buying my own parts even if the shop can't warranty them). I still bought the rotors anyway, but it was great to talk to a shop that was actively trying to save me money. Very reputable, and very reasonably priced. I drive a half hour out of my way just to bring my cars here. The only problem with giving them such a good review is that more people will be making appointments, but I would recommend them to anyone.

—Scott Sowa (Google)